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Eve Cigarettes are are produced by the Liggett tobacco company, USA. This cigarette brand was introduced in 1971 as competition for Virginia Slims, produced by RJ Reynolds corporation. The Eve cigarettes brand was created in order to target the growing lady smoker market. In order to be more appealing to their audience, Eve cigarettes took a different marketing approach than their competitor, Virginia Slims. The Eve cigarettes line placed itself as the cigarette for the feminine woman, content with her role in life. The Eve cigarettes brand positioning resulted in Eve 120s becoming the most feminine cigarette ever to be made.

Eve cigarettes created its feminine image by using very feminine art and marketing starting with the cigarette itself. The cigarette was made long and slim, 100mm long originally and was lengthened to 120mm within the first two years of introduction, in order to be more readily identified with the feminine ideal of slimness and length. The filter of eve cigarettes is decorated with a multicolored flowers band, and the same style was applied to the box, signifying that this was a ladies cigarette, and being fashionable and eye catching. The Eve cigarettes philosophy is to make the Eve a beautiful cigarette, to create a sense of appeal to female vanity and thereby making the woman who chose to smoke Eves more attractive than one who smokes another brand or more attractive than a woman who did not smoke at all.


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Buy Eve Cigarettes

6 Cartons of Eve Cigarettes
+ Free Zippo 200 Chrome Lighter
Made in UK Hard Pack
6 X 200 Cigarettes




6 Cartons of Eve Menthol
Cigarette + Free Zippo 200 Chrome Lighter
Made in UK Hard Pack
6 X 200 Cigarettes




6 Cartons of Eve Cigarettes
Made in UK
Hard Pack
6 X 200 Cigarettes





Eve Cigarettes
Made in UK
Hard Pack
1 X 200 Cigarettes






Eve Lights Cigarettes
Made in UK
Hard Pack
 1 X 200 Cigarettes




Eve Cigarettes are manufactured in the U.S.A. and Germany and are a product of the Liggett Group, the smallest of the major U.S. tobacco companies. these cigarettes were introduced in 1971 as competition for rival RJ Reynolds corporation's Virginia Slims, a cigarette targeted at the growing ladies' market. Eve cigarettes were aimed at women contented to be feminine.


The packaging of Eve Cigarettes was changed in 2002. The flowers on the cigarettes pack were replaced with butterflies. Ultra lights Eve cigarettes finnaly lost the long stemmed flowers they had since their introduction and matched the regular eves by assuming the butterfly motif, with different colors signifing the difference between the blue Ultra Lights and the teal Menthol Ultra Lights. In 2002 soft pack 100s Eve cigarettes were introduced again, using the same butterfly design of the 120s.



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